PlaySpree is the new mobile messaging eSports tournament platform

  • eSports Tournaments for your H5 Games
  • Add tournaments quickly & seamlessly
  • Activate players from billions of messaging app users
  • Cross messaging app tournament play
  • New revenue for your games

Why PlaySpree?

  • PlaySpree empowers H5 game developers to tap into the emerging eSports industry
  • The global eSports audience will reach 380 million people this year*
  • In 2018, the eSports industry is projected to generate $905 reaching over $1 billion by 2020

How it Works:

  • Quick, seamless pSDK integration, paid tournament & free ad revenue share
  • 1v1 or large group tournaments
  • Live leaderboards & Re-play
  • AI/Chatbot led tournament management, player matching and re-engagement
  • Cashless prizing through eGift Cards (Amazon, Visa, Nike and more…)